The Hardest Thing To Do In Business By Shane Jeremy James

When you’re trying to build an audience for your brand it can feel incredibly daunting. You’ve got different opinions from various “experts” giving you advice on how to make it. There’s a big trend towards video and audio right now, but also a high demand for good content writing.

The reality is that there isn’t one golden ticket – the key is to be as dynamic and creative as possible. You have to be constantly producing content. This is where so many people fail. They get a good idea, they produce a few good blogs/podcasts/articles, but they don’t update frequently enough. You can’t gain an audience that way. There is so much content being produced right now, from small businesses to the biggest companies in the world. And the big guys are winning. You know why? Because they devote the time and resources to curating a constant, quality presence online.
You Need To Find The White space

Anyone can build up their audience, regardless of the size of their company, as long as they make it a priority. You need to find the white space, meaning coming up with something that’s just a little bit different from what’s already out there and fulfilling a need. You might be asking: how can I create something that’s truly different from what’s already out there? Research. Be up on everything new in social media and digital marketing.

For example, a new thing that’s coming up right now are selfie drones, a pretty affordable way to record yourself from every angle. Why not spice up your blogging content by utilizing one? It’s a creative and new way to film. Nobody’s doing it yet. Make yourself stand out from the crowd.

The White Space In Audio

Podcasting and Alexa voice are just going to get bigger. Brands and individuals alike have now jumped heavily into audio. My concern is, there is not a lot of content that is original and creative. This leaves a massive opportunity for people who can take their content to another level.

Do I believe a podcast will break out and move that person into becoming a massive celebrity starting their own ventures? I am 100% sure! BE PATIENT AND STAY WITH IT. (2 to 3 years)

Media is a huge and increasing proportion of what we do online. Audio and video now constitute 70% of the bytes crossing the internet.
Quantity is essential to building an audience

Another essential thing to remember is that while quantity is essential to building an audience if you what you’re putting out there isn’t quality as well you’ll have a rough time getting off the ground. When I started making Actions of Compassion videos I utilized good editors and quality production values to make genuinely interesting and engaging content. On top of that, I’ve been consistent. As of now, I’ve produced 35 episodes, and I’m not stopping anytime soon. Create a calendar for yourself and stick to it. Being organized is the only way you’ll be successful.

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