Shane Jeremy James talks about ending bias:
Allow me to share with all of you a concept that I lately got from a doing Muslim girl. She asks, “I am a Muslim, many people don’t like us because they think we’re terrorists and all Muslims are terrorists. What do you think?”
This question of hers got me imagining about the whole ordeal around terrorism & Islam phobia, and I think that it stems from Bias. There exists thick smog of belief between us, mainly those from various ethnic skills or contrasting strict beliefs. In response to that girl’s query, I clarified, “We love you guys!” I said it because it is true. The limit for one another and approval of mutual existence under one roof is the first and the most important act of love.

Actions of Compassion- What led me to believe this could be a turning point?
After an extensive travel of the world, I hold an knowing that racism arises from our inherent desire to surround ourselves with what we are accustomed to seeing or hearing; anything contrary such as hearing a foreign accent/language, differences in beliefs or skin color; feels outright weird.
Actions of Compassion is all about blending areas together, breaking barriers, and forming a society that we can all happily share. Check out Actions of Compassion
How do I feel about the Muslims?
I think Muslims are just like the rest of us and lovely. When you are trying to put an end to an epidemic like racism, you need to dig deeper into the underlying causes. In my view, these are two-fold-Fight against terrorism- the global fight against terrorism is, in fact, the fight against those who create terror. It is not specific to one religion, group or sect.
People’s mind set- uninformed people believe that the fight against terrorism is the same as the fight against Islam. Consecutively, the other side believes that this fight is being brought to them only because they believe in Islam.
I think that Muslims are also victims caught in this harsh circle of terrorism and groups need to lead by an example through Actions of Compassion.

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